What does it cost?

Nothing – successful applicants are fully sponsored by a local Rotary club at a cost of about $1,000 each.
All that applicants are required to provide is 6 days of their time and lots of enthusiasm.

Do I qualify?

Yes, if you are aged 18-25, have the desire to be a leader of the future, have the will to invest in your own growth and the passion to be the best you can. There is some physical activity, but equally, we encourage applications from persons with physical difficulty who are self-sufficient.

What’s in it for me?

This course will benefit you if your intention is to:

  • Grow and develop as a leader
  • Discover and develop your own personal skills and strengths
  • Challenge yourself physically and mentally to extend your capabilities
  • Interact with and learn from inspirational business and community leaders
  • Network with like-minded individuals from varying backgrounds
  • Advance your ability to operate and communicate effectively in a team environment