Testimonies from 2016 RYLA Attendees


Georgia Photo Smaller

It is a great pleasure to write in reference to the fantastic opportunity I was given when I was sponsored by the Blenheim South Rotary Club to participate in the January 2016 RYLA. Not knowing what to expect, upon arrival I was greeted by some very friendly Rotarians and ex RYLA participants who steered me in the right direction. The 48 young people I mingled with were initially complete strangers who quickly became close, trusted friends and team mates…… Read all of Georgia’s statement



The new year of 2016 has brought with it many new and exciting opportunities for me. However, none of these is comparable with RYLA. Initially, six days with forty-eight young leaders, whom I had never met, seemed like a very scary prospect. All these doubts and fears immediately disappeared within an hour of my arrival at RYLA. This experience was full of countless highlights, which included the likes of life long friendships, intelligent conversations…… Read all of Manas’ statement


Sophia Shamy Smaller

It was a week of opportunities, stepping outside your comfort zone and meeting like-minded young people, who were from different backgrounds. The highlight for me was the high ropes course out at the Groynes – everyone was so supportive of one another and because of this we were able to achieve activities we didn’t dream possible. Another highlight was the public speaking afternoon. We all took…… Read all of Sophia’s statement